Become a Pro Chef with Cinder


For the novice cook like me, I can never make something that tastes remotely as good as something I could order from a restaurant. Or even a fast food joint. Luckily, the world of home automation is making cooking so much easier. One of the latest additions to smart kitchen technology is Cinder Sensing Cooker. Now, even I can become a pro chef with Cinder.

Think of Cinder as a grill meets oven meets stovetop. This device was created with the belief that heat is the secret to good cooking. Consistent, even heat, to be exact. The typical oven, grill, or stovetop in your home doesn’t deliver even heat. It often fluctuates throughout the cooking process and, as a result, your meal is never quite right. Cinder’s surface is even within two degrees and, with smart sensors, it adjusts the temperature based on the cooking profile of the item you’re cooking, such as steak, frozen chicken, or fresh fish. Due to this precise temperature control, you won’t easily burn food.

Want to slow down the cooking so you have more time to set the table? No problem. Cinder can hold your food’s temperature until you are ready to eat. This is particularly handy if someone is running late to your dinner party or your spouse isn’t yet home from work.

As amazing as the device itself is, what really helps you transform from mac ‘n cheese novice to French chef extraordinaire is the intuitive app that connects with the Cinder Sensing Cooker. This is how you discover how long to cook your food and at what temperature. Via your iPad or iPhone, use the app to select the item you’re cooking and how you want it cooked. For example, you could want your steak medium rare or your onions caramelized. There are countless options so you can cook exactly what you want it how you want it. And forget double checking to make sure nothing is burned. The predictive controls maintains the perfect temperature, and the virtual thermometer will know exactly when your food is ready.

Thanks to its economical size and removable cooking plates, the Cinder Sensing Cooker can fit in the smallest of kitchens and is simple to clean after using. Cinder Sensing Cooker isn’t shipping until summer 2016, but you can preorder yours now for $249, which I think is well worth it. With Cinder Sensing Cooker, I plan to cook my veggies, meats, and anything else I can get in there so I can stop eating out and start cooking edible meals.

Photo by: N A I T

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