Become a Better Cook with Smart Kitchen Technology


I don’t like cooking, and I don’t think I’m alone. No matter what I do, it never tastes as good as a restaurant. Cookbooks and TV shows haven’t helped but technology just might. Maybe with these new devices I can become a better cook with smart kitchen technology. With home automation advances, just about every corner of your kitchen and cooking essentials are getting smarter, from stove tops to pans.

A Smart Pan

The Pantelligent smart frying pan uses temperature control to help you cook your meal like a pro. Using a smartphone app, the pan’s mounted temperature sensor will guide you through the steps of the cooking process. Audio and visual alerts will let you know when to stir, when to turn up or down the heat, and when the food is finished cooking. The app even includes recipes that you can use to cook. If you want to cook your own item and record its data, there’s a feature for that, too. With smart cooking utensils, you’ll never have to worry about burning or undercooking your food again.

A Smart Stove

A number of companies are working to create their own version of a smart stove top. DT Concepts is coming close with their own Smart Stove. This stove is designed to completely change the way you prepare your food and choose recipes. Equipped with an interactive UI, the Smart Stove offers step-by-step navigation through the recipe of your choice to ensure you make a perfect meal. With a 29” touchscreen, it’s easy to browse through recipes and choose your favorite. Think of it like a GPS for cooking.

Another brand is Dacor® and its Discovery range. This is claimed to be the very first cook top range to feature a wirelessly connected and integrated tablet. Its iQ Cooking app provides you with all the tools you need to cook well. You can even control the range anywhere with your smartphone or tablet. Similar to the Smart Stove, the Discovery range comes pre-programmed with a number of guides and you can easily download your favorite recipes and cooking tips.

A Smart Stove Knob

Entirely replacing your stove top for a smarter version is expensive and not an option for everyone. However, a knob for your stove just might work. Meld is a knob that lets you connect your stove with your smartphone. This smart technology has a motor what will automatically change your stove’s temperature depending on the specific recipe programmed into the device’s app. With seven different adapters, Meld works with a number of different stove brands and models.


Photo by: Jeremy Levine