Be the Best Santapaws with Smart Home Products for Pets


If you are shopping for your furry friends and family this holiday season, then you should consider checking out what is new and trendy in smart home products for pets.

Smart Collars

Smart dog collars can help pet owners with a number of things including helping to train and alter their behaviors, locating them if they get lost, and monitoring their health. Smart collars work with a companion app and include features like microphones, GPS, Bluetooth technology, and speakers. They also tend to use vibration instead of shocking, so you can still discipline your best bud or get his attention without hurting him. You might need to have a monthly plan for things like the GPS, so a smart collar might incur additional and ongoing fees.

Feeding Devices

If you find yourself away for upwards of ten hours or twelve hours a day between work and a social life and other obligations, you might be worried about your pets feeding schedules. Of course, in this day and age, there is no reason for that. Smart pet feeders help you keep your pets full and happy. These devices can even monitor your pets’ eating habits, so you can detect if there has been any change that might point to a health issue. You can also control their portions by setting up timed food releases. This is also a great option for cat owners that take short business trips.

Pet Doors

Smart pet doors allow your pets to come and go, while keeping out other animals or potential burglars. These electric doors lock and unlock based on your pets’ proximity, monitored by a small smartkey that is attached to your pets’ collars. These doors are really convenient for anyone that spends long hours away from home, and would be a great way to update your home to make it more pet-friendly.

Play and Training

These days, us humans find ourselves working harder, doing more, and stretching ourselves thin. This can be a real problem for pet parents. Smart home pet technology is here to help with that. There are now devices that have both cameras and speakers that allow you to check in on your pets and even work on training them while you are away. These interactive devices even let you play with your pets remotely. 

Some of them toss treats, some of them toss toys. No matter where you are, you can check in on your furry friends and brighten their day with your face, your voice, and your time.


Smart trackers for dogs are different from smart collars, since they are focused on monitoring your pet’s location and activity, and not necessarily a training tool. The trackers let you use GPS to see where your pets have been, and when they were there. You can also set safe locations and get an alert if the tracker senses that your pet has left one of those safe places. You can also monitor their health, including their weight and their sleep patterns, which can be a great resource for your vet.

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