Are You a Basic, Advanced, or Next Level Smart Home Security User?

security camera

Home security is one of the most used categories when it comes to smart home technology, but there are all kinds of different ways to use it.

Some people are new adapters, or just need a little something to give them peace of mind. These people are basic users. They are using a couple of the easiest devices to keep their home safe. They might be using smart locks, which let them use their smartphones as a key that unlocks their doors, helps them monitor who enters their home and when, and eliminates the need for fake rocks for spare keys by allowing you to create virtual keys. Basic smart home technology users might also have a webcam or two set up that they run once in awhile to watch their pets. Another favorite for those that use basic devices are smart garage door controls that allow you to open and close the door remotely, and that can send you a notification when the door has been opened.

Those who dabble in the basics of home security may eventually feel comfortable enough to try some new, more advanced devices for their home. These advanced devices include things like video doorbells, connected smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and smart lights. The video doorbells don’t really require advanced skills for installation, but the setup can get complicated if it’s customized. Using the device requires a little bit more interest in technology too, as it uses cloud storage options, video recording, and screenshot options. Connected smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are great additions for home security, especially when they trigger a lighted path to the exit. This will involve a little more effort for setup, so it’s definitely for advanced users. Smart lights can be easy enough to use, so it could have been included on the basic users’ list, but I’m thinking a little bigger here. I’m thinking about smart lights that are customized with a daily on-off schedule, and that can connect to other smart home devices – like having them turn on when your smart lock is unlocked.

Next level smart home security users are true power users. They have the complete set up, running through a hub. They have motion lights and cameras, HD video, night vision, smart lights, smart locks, video door bells, and they can log in and watch real-time footage of their entire property at any time, day or night. They are able to remotely trigger a home alarm when they see something suspicious, and can then coordinate with their local police department to catch culprits. They use cloud storage to keep their video streams so they can access them for review at any time. Next level users sleep soundly at night knowing their home is being monitored.

Which level user are you? Do you have plans to upgrade to the next level soon? Let’s continue the conversation in the comments section.

Photo by: CWCS Managed Hosting