Automate Your Home Beer Brewing with These 3 Smart Beer-Making Devices


There’s a home automation device for just about everything, so it makes sense that beer making has found its way into the smart tech space. That’s right; you can now automate your home beer brewing. There are automated home brewing devices so you can more easily make beer from the comfort of your home. Let’s take a look at the three most popular options:

PicoBrew Zymatic

The PicoBrew Zymatic is the ideal automated beer-making device for new brewers with the countertop space and big budget. The Zymatic isn’t an instant beer machine, meaning you still have to do a lot of the work yourself, including cleaning the equipment, adding the yeast, and fermenting and carbonating. The Zymatic automates the initial beer-making phases, inputting temperature and time data for the brewing sessions into your brewing database. Although expensive, coming in at $1,999, the Zymatic provides what many other automated brewing systems don’t: the ability to track data and isolate variables in a recipe. With its easy online data tracking, you can analyze your beer, batch by batch, and make adjustments as needed.


Brewie might be the most impressive automated brewing systems available. Developed by multiple engineers, it has the longest list of features out of all automated brewing systems. It can brew a full five gallon batch without requiring extensive countertop space. Furthermore, Brewie is packed with features, including support for Android, iPhone, and Windows devices, a self-cleaning program, a touchscreen function, and a recipe library. Home brewing is quite the complex process requiring specialized equipment and time to make a halfway decent beer. Brewie makes it easy to get started with brewing and, for the experts, repeatedly brew your favorite creations. At $1749 (if you pre-order on Indiegogo), it’s slightly cheaper than the Zymatic.


Craft brewers will glare at Fizzics because it isn’t a true beer-making device, but this gadget is great for someone who enjoys beer and isn’t a stickler for the home brewing process. Fizzics is a countertop machine that is designed to take your store-bought beer and make it taste better and more like a home brew. Think of it as the halfway between craft brew and Budweiser. How does Fizzics work? The device uses high-frequency sound waves and oscillation to create consistent carbonation and distribution, as well as a longer-lasting head, so you get better beer when you pour it. Fizzics is easy to use. Just put a bottle or can of beer inside the machine, insert the tube, and shut it. The machine will work its magic and be ready moments later to enjoy. At just $199, it’s a much more affordable option than a true home automation brewing system.

Still prefer good old Budweiser? Then just stick with the Bud-E Fridge and call it a day.

Photo by: Alan Levine