Amazon Echo VS. Google Home: Face-Off! (Infographic)


By: Tane Clark, home improvement solutions provider –

Both devices are growing in popularity, but which is better? It’s hard to know sometimes as one article will tell you the Amazon Echo is better, and another article will say the Google Home is superior. The reality is that they are both well worth the small investment and which you purchase will be decided by what you’re in to essentially.

One point in support of the Amazon Echo is that it’s been around longer so is compatible with more devices in your home. The home is catching up, but the Echo leads the in terms of compatibility.

However, if music and movies are your thing, the Google Home is probably the best choice as it can draw on YouTube and also lets you stream music and movies to other speakers in the house if they’re connected to a Chromecast audio device.

Both products are great so check out the infographic to find out which is best in a variety of different categories. Then you can shop around for the one you like online and get it for the best price.Amazon Echo Vs Google Home Faceoff infographic