A Smart Microwave That Makes You a Better Cook


Like many people, I have a love-hate relationship with my microwave. It’s easy to warm-up soup and pop popcorn, and it does an okay job at steaming vegetables. But the microwave doesn’t make the tastiest of meals and it can’t compete with the go-to oven or grill. I introduce to you a smart microwave that makes you a better cook, the MAID. It is a smart microwave and convection oven created by SectorQube. MAID, which appropriately stands for Make All Incredible Dishes, is a two-in-one microwave and convection oven in one compact design that will easily fit in apartment kitchens.

SectorQube went all out with this microwave. They spent more than three years developing the smart appliance and it shows. Let’s look at some of the coolest features:

Microwave Meets Convection Oven

Yes, I have mentioned this multiple times now, but for good reason. With this dual function, you can make a lot more types of meals and recipes that go beyond frozen dishes and popcorn. You could bake a cake, cook a roast, and steam veggies. You could, potentially, make a Thanksgiving feast with just this appliance.

A Crowdsourced Recipe Store

This smart microwave has access to the Internet and its crowdsourced recipe store, which features a regularly updated list of recipes. Based on your cooking habits and fitness, MAID can recommend certain dishes and meals that complement your diet or food preferences. And if you use one of the recipes within their store, MAID will automatically prepare the dish at the right temperature and for the right amount of time without you having to touch a button.

Voice and Gesture Controls

Beyond the many buttons you can press on its touchscreen display, MAID has a touchscreen display and understands voice and gesture controls for when your hands are full. Not only can you speak to MAID, but it can speak cooking instructions so you don’t have to look at the screen.

A Smartphone App

Every great smart device comes with its own smartphone app, including MAID. With the app, you can receive alerts when your food is finished cooking, and you can change the cook time and temperature settings remotely. This is a great perk if you have to run out to the store to grab an ingredient, but are still cooking another dish.

SectorQube’s MAID was successfully funded on Kickstarter last year and is expected to start shipping to early funders in late 2015. At $450, MAID certainly isn’t the cheapest microwave, but considering what you’re getting, it’s worth the splurge. Learn more by visiting http://maidoven.com.

Photo by: Feral Indeed!