8 Smart Home Devices for the Bedroom


Smart home technology isn’t boxed into just the security or entertainment categories. There are devices available that are great for any room of your house. Here are 8 smart home devices that are great to use in the bedroom:


Smart blinds are great because they can be opened and closed on a schedule, which can help you adjust to waking up. You can set your smart blinds to start opening slowly an hour before you need to wake up, so that by the time you wake up, your room is full of natural light. This helps cue your body to start to wake up slowly. Alternately, if your smart blinds are hooked up to a voice-controlled hub, you can open and close them with a simple voice command.


Smart lights are great for the bedroom, because you can set them to adjust slowly just like the blinds. This can be used at night, and in the morning. For nighttime, you can have the lights slowly dim as you are settling down for the night, or as you are reading in bed. This will help trigger your body that it is time to go to bed. The lights can have the opposite effect in the morning; they can be set to slowly start turning on at a specific time, similar to the blinds.

Sleep Monitors

There are several devices out there that can act as sleep monitors, including mattress pads and pillows, and they can do a number of things, including tracking and temperature controls. Some of these can be set to respond automatically, while others need to be controlled manually.


Smart nightlights are a nice evolution from the traditional night light because they have a lot of new features. Today’s smart nightlights don’t even have to be plugged in, for starters. Instead, they can be charged, so that they can be used anywhere. They also have an array of colors available to show, and of course, they can be controlled by an app.

Vibrating Alarms

While this device doesn’t have a lot of smart technology software or available connections, like REM sleep tracking, it is still worth mentioning. This disc-shaped device slips right under your pillow, and wakes you up with soft vibrations, instead of with loud beeping or music. What makes it even able to be on a list with smart products is that it does work by controls that are on your smartphone. So, I guess it is smart by association. I’d like to see this product connect with one of the sleep tracking devices so that it knows to wake you up when you come out of your REM sleep.

Amazon Echo

Any of the Amazon Echo products – the original Echo, the Echo Dot, or the Echo Tap – are great additions to a bedroom. This device will work as a hub that connects to your other smart products, and allows you to use your voice to control them.

Photo by: jinkazamah