7 Lesser Known Home Automation Brands You Should Know About

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We all know that the home automation industry is growing and is showing no signs of slowing down. Every week, a new brand or product pops onto the scene. While there are dozens of brands on the market, it seems we only know about the most popular ones, like Apple, Nest, and SmartThings. Here are 7 lesser known home automation brands that are worth considering:


If you’re a frequent traveler or rarely home, this is a great home automation system that allows you to program events to make it seem as if someone is at home. You can program smart thermostats, HVAC systems, door sensors, and light bulbs.


Though not many people have heard of this brand, it has won awards for its many abilities to work with other software, technology, and wireless technology. Control lights, receive voice alerts, control energy usage, detect vehicles entering or leaving your driveway, power down audio and video equipment, and more.


Originally from Europe, this inexpensive system has recently crossed the pond and made its way into U.S. homes. Using cloud technology, you can control, customize, and automate your home’s powered devices and get alerts for security issues. Zipato is a great option for those who want to build their own home automation system for a low cost. It’s very DIY-friendly and adaptable to new technologies.

Nexia Home

Acting as a home bridge monitoring and controlling lights and locks, this home automation system relies on Z-wave technology. Through its all-in-one app, you can control multiple smart products from today’s biggest brands, from security cameras to remote control lighting.


Crestron is just about the exact opposite of Zipato. While Zipato is a budget-friendly appetizer, Crestron is a full-blown steak dinner. Typically professionally installed, Crestron connects with just about every device and technology you can imagine. Crestron not only provides home automation for residences, but also for businesses and schools.


A security home automation startup developed by a Harvard-educated engineer, SimpliSafe offers 24/7 protection for your home using wireless technology. It’s so effective, a Wisconsin police department uses it to catch criminals. It’s no surprise that thousands of homes already have SimpliSafe installed.


Trane first got its start creating heating and air conditioning systems, but has since expanded into the home automation realm. Today, the brand now includes smart thermostats and energy-efficient systems designed to help you better monitor your energy usage and costs.

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