6 Things to Expect From Home Automation in 2016

Google Self Driving Car

2015 was a big year for home automation. Tech newbies and fans alike jumped onboard and we quickly saw the rise of wearable technology, Amazon Echo, and smart home devices. The most exciting thing about all of this is that we still have a long way to go, and 2016 will bring us countless new devices and technology we may not have imagined possible just a few years ago. Here are a few things to expect from home automation in 2016:

Several studies predict that more than 12 million homes will be connected to smart technology in 2016. As more homes transition to smart technology, we can expect the way we live to change along with it. Here are 6 things to expect from home automation in 2016:

Better, Faster, Stronger Home Security

Security systems have made leaps and bounds since they first entered the market. 2015 was the year of the video camera. Numerous companies launched security cameras, each with their own unique capabilities. Next year, we should expect even more systems that integrate with popular home automation tools that offer stronger security measures to prevent home break-ins.

Home Automation as “Standard”

As more homes embrace smart technology, home automation will quickly become standard technology, as opposed to highly niche. Expect to see more smart hubs on store shelves, with expanded offerings from the biggest brands in technology.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Environmentalism is a hot topic both in and outside of the technology world. Already, we have a number of home automation tools that cut down on your energy use, such as smart thermostats, heaters, and air conditioners. In 2016, I think more and more companies will capitalize on this and release smarter and more eco-friendly vacuums, washing machines, dryers, and kitchen appliances.

A Focus on Saving Water

The drought isn’t only affecting southern California. As the drought continues to plague multiple states, I expect several companies are hard at work developing products that can help people save money on their water bill in the home, whether it’s recycling methods or soil that keeps lawns and plants better moisturized throughout the day.

The Self-Driving Car

I truly believe the self-driving car will come out next year in some shape or form. Whether or not it succeeds is an entirely different question. I imagine numerous auto shows will feature more smart cars and, who knows, we may even see some self-driving cars on the road next year.

Insurance Changes

This is less a home automation product and more a life change as a result of home automation. As more smart home devices improve our home’s security, the more insurance companies may get on board with lowering insurance costs for those using smart products.

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