5 Ways People Use Home Automation for Security


Security is a big concern for homeowners, and a big business for tech companies. It’s also a major focus in the smart home tech business. There are many ways that people can build the smart home security network, and many devices that they can use to do so. Here are five ways people use home automation for security;

Smart Home Locks

Smart home locks have some flaws, but overall, they offer some pretty cool security features. Besides the obvious peace of mind that you can get with remote access to your locks, homeowners can check to see every time their locks were accessed – either for unlocking or locking purposes. Makes it kind of hard for kids to sneak out these days! Authorized people can be given a digital key, and you can track when those are used. Smart home locks are a great basic security feature that can be used in any home.

Smart Garage Doors

Whether you can’t remember if the garage door is closed or you don’t trust your roommate, partner or kids to shut the door, smart garage doors can ease all your anxiety. With remote access to the door status through an app, you can check your garage doors on-the-go no matter where you are. You can also get an alert if the door is opened – so that you can alert authorities if it is not an authorized entry.

Smart Lights

Smart lights can include both indoor and outdoor lights. The indoor lights can be either smart bulbs or smart switches. Smart indoor lights allow you to remotely control your lights, or to put them on a schedule. That means that as soon as it gets dark, you can have your lights cycle through turning on and off to give would-be thieves the impression that someone is home. Outdoor lights can be motion-sensor lights or can be controlled manually and on a schedule.

Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smart home detectors are a step up from old school detectors, and offer lots of different options to help keep your family safe. Hate that crazy beeping that happens when the batteries are low? Never have to listen to that again or risk the battery dying with smart detectors that can send alerts and notifications directly to your phone. They are also built to reduce false alarms, allow you to silence a false alarm remotely, and many can tap into emergency stations to provide your family with information during a disaster.

Smart Indoor and Outdoor Cameras

Security cameras for the home are nothing new. For quite some time now people have been able to set up cameras inside and outside of their home so that they can monitor and record activity on and near their property. What is new with smart technology is that the cameras can be tapped into your entire smart home network, and can trigger other actions. If the camera catch activity, they can turn on your security lights, and even trigger your doors to lock. People are now using video doorbells also, which adds a level of security to your front porch.