5 Ways to Make Dinner Better with Home Automation

Vector art illustration.

Dinnertime is either a great time to relax and catch up with the family or a hectic time that you just try to survive.

Whether you’re single, coupled up, living with roommates or have a family, home automation can help make dinner time a time that you enjoy. If dinner is already your jam, get ready to take it to the next level; if dinner is the worst part of your day, prepare to have it made at least a little better.

Here are five ways to use home automation to make dinner a thing of beauty:

1. Recipes

No matter what you want to cook – from traditional dishes to holiday dishes to themed dishes – there is probably a way to use your home automation to look up a recipe. With a smart digital assistant, like the Amazon Echo or the Google Home, you can enable or activate skills that will help you with recipes.

Even if you aren’t using a specific skill to find your recipe, you can use the smart assistant to figure out things like measurement conversions and common substitutes. This is a skill that can be found on most smartphones as well, but with a smart digital home assistant you never have to free your hands; you simply give it instructions with your voice.

2. Pre-Heating

Nothing sucks more than trying to make a meal as fast as possible and realizing that your oven needs to be pre-heated, and it isn’t. If you have a smart stove, this never has to be a problem. Through an app on your phone, you can pre-heat your smart oven from anywhere.

That means you can kick off the pre-heating before you even leave work, so that when you get home the oven is ready for your meal. If you are preparing your meal already, you can use a voice command to your smart home assistant to turn your oven on, so you don’t have to stop what you’re doing and wash your hands.

3. Timers

Sure, there are TONS of options available for times: those built-in to stoves and ovens, stand-alone timers, timers on smart phones.

I’m not saying home automation is the only way to set a timer for your dinner, but it is one of the ways. Using your smart oven’s app or your smart home assistant, you can easily set timers that you can check, and that will give you hard-to-miss warnings.

4. Lighting

Once your dinner is prepared – with the help of your smart home products – it’s time to think about setting the mood for dinner. From family-friendly settings to date night settings, your smart lights any help set any mood.

You can change the colors of your lights or dim the brightness, all with the command of your voice or a quick visit to an app.

5. Music

Once your food is on the table and the lighting is set, you and also play some music to help set the mood. From kid-friendly songs that help your young ones learn to romantic songs that might help you create little ones, everything can be controlled using smart home technology, and can ever be synced to other settings – like your lights – using IFTTT.