5 Ways to Make Breakfast Better with Home Automation


Mornings are either your favorite time of day, or the worst reoccurring event of your life. Whether you are a morning person or not, home automation can help you elevate your breakfast experience. If you already love mornings, prepare to love them even more; if you don’t, prepare to at least hate them a little less.

Here are five ways to make breakfast better with home automation:

  1. Coffee

No matter what kind of coffee pot you use – a traditional pot or a Keurig – you can use home automation to make sure your coffee is ready when you want it. With a traditional pot you can use smart plug, and then set everything up the night before so that as soon as you turn the switch on, your coffee starts brewing. A Keurig will be a bit trickier – but you can get the unit turned on and heated so it’s ready to brew your single cup at will. You can turn the smart switch on using an app on your phone, or with your voice if you have a digital assistant.

  1. News & Weather

If you have a digital smart home assistant like the Amazon Echo or Google Home, you can have the news read out loud to you while you enjoy your breakfast. You just have to set you news preferences on the device’s app – you can choose categories and even publications to hear the news from; from weather to sports to tech to science, you can customize your news. I prefer this over having to try to read a paper while I eat, or trying to scroll through on my tablet. I never have to worry about getting ink on my fingers or smudging my tablet screen again.

  1. Planning Your Day

Smart home technology can help you plan your day and keep your lists up-to-date. If you have a smart fridge, you can update your shopping list to add milk, cereal, eggs, creamer and coffee as you run out of them. If you forget what you need, you can use your fridge’s camera to view the contents without ever stepping away from your pancakes.

  1. Getting Comfortable

There is nothing worse than being cold in the morning. Why are mornings so damn cold? Bundling up while you’re indoors is no fun. That’s where your smart home technology can help. Using a thermostat with automation, you can set the temperature to adjust at a certain time each day (whenever you normally wake up), or based on other things such as when your alarm goes off or when the sun rises.

  1. Stress Free Exercise

If you are one of those people that is able to get up and exercise before breakfast, you can use your smart locks to make sure you don’t lock yourself out of the house in your groggy state of mind. So, smart home automation in this case can just help make sure that you make it to the breakfast table.