5 Reasons I Use Smart Home Technology Every Day


1. It’s Cool.

I mean, I know it’s a silly reason, but I grew up thinking all this technology was so far in the future that I’d never ever see it. Then, computers arrived and the Internet changed everything. And now powerful computers fit on our wrists. So, yeah, I get excited about the cool factor of today’s smart home technology. I’m excited for how quickly the industry is growing, and how rapidly the technology is advancing. I like that cool brands are getting on board and releasing products.

2. It’s Convenient.

Sure, I don’t need smart home technology, but I’m sure glad for the convenience that it affords. My favorite use of this tech is for controlling my lights and house locks. When I have gone grocery shopping, or am coming home from work for the day with my dirty coffee cup and laptop bag, the last thing that I want to do is dig around my pocket or bag for my keys when I get to the door. I also don’t want to fumble around in the dark once I get the door open. Are these things vital to me living my life fully? Definitely not. Do they improve my overall attitude about everything? Yup. As soon as I park my car in front of my house, I am able to use my phone to turn on my lights and unlock my door. The rest of my night after that is pretty easy.

3. I’m an Early Adapter.

This is just a fact. I’m always reading about the newest technology and ready to have the Kool-Aid poured into my cup immediately. I love being one of the first users of new tech, writing about it, and hearing what other people have to say about it. Part of that immersion is that I use the technology every day. I’m always trying and learning something new, because smart home technology is a part of my daily life.

4. I Don’t Like to Waste Money.

I mean, if I bought it and still have it, I’m going to use it. If there is something that I don’t like, I’m certainly going to return it to get my money back. I’m not the type to let things sit around and collect dust. While most smart home technology is affordable, a lot of the systems and set up can be quite the investment. Since it is something that I am so interested in, it isn’t something that I take lightly.

5. I’m lazy.

This one doesn’t seem very fair, but I suppose it is honest. A lot of the hype about smart home technology focuses on how it can save time. I’m not sure how true this is. I mean, having to shout out orders to my digital assistant isn’t that fast – my Amazon Echo takes several seconds to connect to the skill I have invoked and to turn on my lights or lock my doors. Honestly I could probably do it faster myself, but…then I’d have to get up. So, I guess I am lazy.

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Jeff is a tinkerer. He loves gadgets, but usually waits until the reviews are out before buying something. He loves the DIY projects, and loves help setting things up too. Some of his favorite products and services may not be the most well known, but he loves his custom solution.