5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Help Determine Your Attitude Toward Smart Home Technology


Smart home technology is trendy these days, leaving many people wondering what it is and how it can fit into their lives. Here are five questions that you can ask yourself to help you determine your attitude toward smart home technology, and what your next steps should be.

1. Do you think investing in technology is a good use of your money?

One thing you should know about smart home technology right off the bat is that it won’t be a one-time purchase. You’re either going to love it and want more, or you’ll eventually have to upgrade. It’s really no different than other technology in your home, like your computer or television. So, it’s up to you to decide if it’s a good way to spend your money on an ongoing basis. If not, smart home technology probably isn’t for you at this time.

2. Do you trust smart home devices with your personal data?

There are steps that you can take to make your smart home technology more secure, but there is still room for improvement in this area. If you aren’t comfortable shopping online or providing any of your personal data to retailers, you are not going to be comfortable with smart home technology. In order to get the best out of home automation, you will have to share data and that just might be the dealbreaker for you.

3. What do I want my DIY smart home automation system to do?

This is an interesting question, and a lot of people don’t ask themselves this or think their smart home technology purchases through. Home automation really shouldn’t be an impulse purchase. If you want your home automation to provide some conveniences and securities, now it the time to buy. If you are instead looking for your smart home technology to more reflective of robotics, you’ll want to wait for a few more advances.

4. Do you prefer to do things yourself or have professional installations?

If you are a complete DIYer, but have no experience with smart home technology, you could find yourself in a tight corner. You might find that you are looking for really complicated smart home technology, but that you’re only willing to use that which allows self-installation. Or you may find that you only want to use that which offers professional installation, which will narrow down your purchasing options and give you a better idea of costs.

5. Are you comfortable talking to your house?

At first, this question seems a little silly; however, more and more smart home technology is relying on the use of a voice-controlled virtual assistant. This smart home assistant will require you to “talk” to your house to give it commands. If you are simply not going to feel comfortable doing this, then investing in smart home technology might be a waste of money. I personally think it is something you can get used to over time but some people just can’t get over it.