5 Great Features of the WeMo Enabled Room Heater

holmes heater

Smart home products aren’t always smart, but there are some that really hit the mark. One of those is the WeMo-enabled Holmes® room heater. For those that don’t live in a home with central heat, or for those with rental properties, this heater is great. Made for large rooms, this heater will work with other WeMo-enabled devices, like lights, and smart plugs and switches.

The heater can be controlled through the WeMo app that is available for Android and Apple devices.

Here’s an overview of five great features of the WeMo-enabled room heater:

Remote Control

One thing all smart technology users want is the ability to control their devices remotely. With this available feature, you can start heating up any room from anywhere – so that it is nice and warm by the time you arrive. All of this remote access is controlled through the WeMo app. Have you ever left your house or apartment and fretted over whether you left the heater on? You never have to do that again.

Adjustable Settings

You can also adjust the settings and temperature at will, and you can get alerts about the status of your device. You can not only turn your heater on, but you can also select a desired temperature. If you want the room to start heating, but not be too toasty when you arrive, you can change that. If you’re already in the room, having a party, and it gets hot, you can use your phone to turn the heat off or down.


While remote access and control is awesome, so is being able to program your devices to run on your schedule automatically. Using the WeMo app, you can program a schedule that runs daily and controls when your heater turns on and off, or changes temperature. You can have the heater maintain a certain temperature overnight, kick up a little bit just before you get up in the morning, turn back down to be just warm enough to fight off frost during the day, then kick back up right before you arrive home. If your day changes because of a social event or traffic, you can easily access your heater and change that day’s settings.


The other feature that is very attractive to consumers is eco-friendliness and energy-savings. The Holmes heater does feature eco-smart technology that allows intelligent setting cycling. Your heater will smartly switch between high and low settings as needed to save energy and save you money. If you’re going to be gone from your property for a while, you can even use the Frost Protect features that will keep your heat low, but high enough to protect the structure from frost.


Finally, the Holmes heater is easy to install, and to use. The heater itself just plugs in, and it’s ready to go. The WeMo app is easy to find and install in the Android or Apple store. Once you sync your heater with the app, you’re all set up to control your device as desired.

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