5 Cool Features of a Smart Refrigerator

smart refridgerator

When it comes to home automation, I like looking for items that are actually going to make my life easier and better. It should be something that affects my everyday life. A smart refrigerator is one of those items that fits the bill. We use our refrigerators every day and, typically, multiple times a day. Now, you may be wondering how a refrigerator could be smarter. All it does is keep your food cool, correct? Wrong! When you see what features are available for today’s smart refrigerators, you’ll feel downright silly about your current fridge.

Here are 5 cool features of a smart refrigerator:


Yes, that’s right. One of the newest smart refrigerators is built to be compatible with a number of smart tech accessories. This GE FirstBuild is ideal for hackers and makers, as it was designed specifically with 3D printed accessories in mind. The first accessory available is the Milky Weigh. This programmable scale sends you updates via your smartphone on how much milk you have left. Just connect it to one of the fridge’s USB ports (yes, it has USB ports) and you’ll never worry about running out of milk again.

Its Own App

Yes, all smart technology comes with its very own app. Many fridge companies are looking to create smart refrigerators that can monitor your food inventory and notify you, via the app, if you are running low on something. It’s like the Milky Weigh, but for your entire fridge. With an app, you also have instant access to your fridge and can adjust temperatures if needed.

More Energy Efficient

If there is one thing home automation systems have in common it’s that they are all typically energy-efficient. Smart refrigerators are no exception.

LCD Screen

Why does your refrigerator need a screen? To see stuff, of course! LG has created a fridge with a WiFi-enabled LCD screen that provides access to recipes, food expiration dates, and more. It’s designed to help you keep track of your food and know when something is ready to be tossed.

Better Technology

The real meat and bones of a smart refrigerator is its ability to improve food quality. LG’s Smart Cooling technology maintains optimal humidity and temperature levels. With digital sensors, your refrigerator conditions are always being monitored. As a result, your food stays fresher for longer.

Photo by: David Berkowitz