4 Ways to Manage Home Water Usage with Home Automation


With the summer months comes an increase of water usage for home owners. From pools to watering the lawn and the garden, your water usage can quickly get out of control and make a dent in your monthly budget. Home automation can help you manage, track, and reduce your water usage. Investing a little bit of money into smart home products can save you a lot of money this summer, and in summers to come.

Automated Pool Controls

Automated pool controls help keep your water clean and swimmer-friendly. That means that you don’t have to drain your water because of an algae growth. It also means that the pool will always be I commission, so your household won’t seek out alternative methods for cooling off, like using sprinklers, taking extra baths, or taking very long cool showers. Smart pool controls can also mean that you need the pool guy to come less often, which can be a big money saver. If you’re monitoring your chemical levels and getting notices on what to add, how much to add, and when to add it, you’ll only need your pool guy to come every so often to check on the overall health of your pool.

Automated Sprinklers

As the weather gets hotter and the days get longer, your lawn and garden will need to be watered more frequently. Using the hose to water these areas yourself is not just time-consuming, but it could lead to water waste: you might end up over-watering your garden because you don’t want to have to do the chore so frequently; you’ll run the hose longer, even if you don’t need the water, while you move from area to area. Instead, use automated sprinklers to run periodically.

Water-Tracking Shower Heads

This might sound a bit crazy, but have you ever wondered how much water you are using when you take a shower? Sure, some people try to take 5 minute or 10 minute showers to conserve water, but we aren’t all that disciplined. If you are one of those people that needs data to help you make a change, you may want to consider getting a smart shower head. You can set a certain water threshold that you don’t want to exceed, and the shower head will tell you when you’ve reached that limit. It can also track your household’s usage, so you can figure out if you have room to improve.

Smart Water Heaters

A smart water heater is no small investment, but it can be a big budget-saver from an energy standpoint. The device can learn and react to your household’s patterns, and adapt to save energy from heat loss. You can use different modes, like vacation mode, to help save money when you’re away for extended periods of time. You’ll also get reports and diagnostics on the performance and operation of the heater, making it easier to see where you need to adjust and where you can fix problems before they cause bigger problems.

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