4 Smart Features House Hunters Want to See Before They Make an Offer

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Today’s home buyers are like no home buyers that came before them. They aren’t only looking for a great neighborhood or a great school system; they are looking for a technologically advanced house also. The group of people that are buying homes today have only ever known a world filled with technology. They have always had access to a computer; they had cell phones in middle school; social media has always existed for them. They are savvy and they expect to have access to technology in every space – most importantly their own space. They want full control, and they want that control to be conveniently accessible through one single hub.

If you’re in the market to sell a home and smart home technology still seems like a foreign language to you, then it’s time for you to learn about the four smart features that house hunters want to see before they are willing to make an offer.

Smart Locks

There is a whole new meaning to the phrase turning over the keys! These days, buyers want convenient access to their own homes through keyless smart locks. They want to be able to have locks that automatically unlock or lock based on their cell phone’s proximity to the door. That way they don’t have to worry about fishing out their keys if their hands are already full. Another option is a lock that just requires a short code to gain access. These smart locks aren’t just convenient, they also record entries and exits, and make it easy for homeowners to allow access to their guests, dog walkers, babysitters, and more.

Smart Thermostats

Today’s home buyers are also pretty eco- and budget-conscious. While programmable thermostats are great, you need to be able to offer even more customization today. Smart thermostats can offer automatic lowering and raising of the temperature, but they go beyond that by tuning into the habits of the individuals that live in the home. Smart thermostats can learn people’s preferences and schedules, so that they can react by adjusting the temperature to that person’s preferred setting. Energy usage is then reduced, since the thermostat won’t run the air or heat all day when no one is home. If you add sensors to the house you are trying to sell, you can offer buyers a home that doesn’t heat of cool unevenly.

Smart-Enabled Major Appliances

The major appliances that you should consider upgrading are mainly found in the kitchen, include the refrigerator and oven. Smart fridges can do everything from play music to allow you to see inside remotely. They offer digital, touch screen calendars, to-do lists, and new briefs, along with advanced temperature controls. Smart ovens have self-cleaning features, accurate temperature settings, and remote control.

Security Systems

The want for security systems is nothing new, but the type of system that people expect has changed. These days, buyers want their entire home to be hooked up to their security system. Their cameras need to be accessible from, and connected to, their hub, so that they can use IFTTT scenarios to trigger other smart devices. As an example, if their camera’s motion sensor is triggered, they may want a set of lights to turn on, and they want to receive an alert on their phone.

Photo by: August