5 Reasons I’m Thankful for Smart Home Automation

5 Reasons I’m Thankful for Smart Home Automation
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1. I’m Out of the Dark.

It’s the littlest things that really make my heart full. I am a person that carries a lot of stuff every day, and I used to come home to darkness half of the year. With smart lights, though, I can now turn my lights on using an app before I even leave work or when I pull up to my house, or I can use my voice to turn the lights on as I walk in the door thanks to the available smart home speakers from Google, Amazon, and (releasing soon) Apple.

2. I Can Get In and Out of the House Without Dropping Anything.

Like I said, I carry a lot of things. And then sometimes I stop to buy things after work and I am insistent on carrying everything thing at once. When I’m loaded up like that, I do not have time to fumble for my keys, let alone get them in the lock and make them work. With smart locks, I just have to get the door shut (a much easier feat) on my way out and then I can use an app to lock my doors once I get to my car. On my way in, I can unlock the doors once I pull up.

3. Manual Morning Tasks Have Decreased.

Sure, programmable coffee pots have existed for a while, but I need more than automated coffee in the morning. I am pretty lazy, and waking up is a whole process for me. I like that I can have my lights come on automatically when it is time to get up, or that I can use my voice to turn them on while I am still wrapped in my blankets. I like using my smart home speaker to get my news instead of having to turn on the T.V. Like I said, I’m pretty lazy. These small things help keep me sane in the morning.

4. I Don’t Have To Use A Fake Rock.

If you’re like me and use home cleaning services, you know that granting access to your home was previously all or nothing. You either had to be home to let them in (not feasible if you don’t work from home), give them a key, or hide a spare key in a fake rock. With smart locks, I can now grant limited access to a single person using a digital key, and I can remove that access at any time and with immediacy.

5. I Can Receive Packages Even When I’m Not Home.

I like to order things online. A lot. The problem is, I’m not always home to accept my packages. With smart doorbells, however, I can verbally accept the package and ask that it be left on my door. I can also review a video of my package being delivered, in case my items are damaged. This might become an obsolete method with the introduction of delivery services that actually unlock your doors and put your packages inside your home, but for now it’s certainly helpful.

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