10 Ways to Add Smart Technology to Your Bathroom


Smart home technology is often focused on security and entertainment systems, but it reaches far beyond that. There are smart devices that are specific for living rooms, like blinds, and bedrooms, like nightlights. There are even a ton of great, smart, devices that can be used in your bathroom. Whether you’re a family or a bachelor/ette, there is something for everyone. Here are 10 smart bathroom products that I think are worth mentioning.


Faucets that use motion detection aren’t just for public bathrooms – they can be installed in your home as well. Even better, there are now faucet products that have built-in dryers. This means there is no water dripping onto the floor when hands go from the sink to the towel. And who will even need towels in the bathroom anymore?

Shower Speakers

You can now use a Bluetooth speaker inside of your shower. These waterproof wonders are a welcome addition to every shower karaoke star out there. If you’re super techy, you can use something like an Amazon Echo to control the Bluetooth speaker with your voice, from the shower. I don’t know if even the Jetsons were able to do that.

Self-Cleaning Toothbrush

How can you hope to get your teeth clean if your toothbrush itself is dirty? I love my self-cleaning toothbrush, and if my most recent dentist appointments are any indication, I’d say that it is working just fine.

Connected Toothbrush

If a self-cleaning toothbrush doesn’t impress you, allow me to step it up with a connected toothbrush. That’s right, a toothbrush that is connected just like your other smart home devices. This handy little tool will track your brushing habits and techniques, and send you a report, and, if needed, tips for improvement.

Smart Showerheads

Smart showerheads are great tools for anyone that is trying to conserve water, or on the more selfish side, just wants to have the perfect shower. You can get a showerhead that uses LED lighting to let you know how much water you are using, or you can get a showerhead that allows you to preset temperatures for yourself or your children.

Robot Mop

If you have tile in your bathroom, you can get a floor mop that is a robot. This robot, like it’s cousin that vacuums, will keep your floor clean, and more importantly, sanitary.


Today’s scales do more than just tell you a number. You can get a smart scale that connects with fitness apps and other fitness tech, and tracks things like body mass and weight loss or gain.

Soap dispensers

While automatic soap dispensers aren’t super high tech, they are still a handy tool to have, especially if you have kids. Not only is it a sanitary way to dispense soap, it is also a way to reduce waste, since the device dispenses only a small amount of soap.

Smart Toilets

You can now get a toilet, or an add-on for your existing toilet, that uses the same motion detection that you see in public restrooms. Some of these devices even use automatic toilet seat control – no more fights about who left the toilet seat up!

Shower Mats

There is nothing worse than getting out of a warm shower and stepping onto a cold floor. If you use a smart shower mat, you can heat it up while you shower and have a nice warm mat to step on.

Photo by: Geoffrey Fairchild