10 Reasons Home Automation Should be on Your Holiday Shopping List

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It’s officially the holiday season, and I want to encourage you to put some home automation products on your holiday shopping list. Whether you are shopping for kids, parents, pets, or your partner – there is a home automation product to satisfy anyone on your list. Here are ten reasons that I think home automation should be on your holiday shopping list:

  1. It’s Cool. Home automation is something that everyone can get excited about. Not only is it a gift that will make them look cool and give them bragging rights, it’s a gift that will make you look cool for giving it to them.
  2. It’s Affordable. Home automation products span tons of price levels, so chances are you will be able to find something that is affordable. Whether you’re looking to purchase an entire package, or a single product that will work without a hub, you’ll have a variety of items to pick from.
  3. It’s Fun. Plain and simple. Home automation is still so new and novel that it is still fun to set it up, explore all that it can do, create recipes, and use it.
  4. It Has a Long Shelf Life. Home automation isn’t a gift that is going to be used for a couple of weeks and then tossed aside. It has so many applications for daily use, that it is likely to be a gift that keeps giving for years to come.
  5. It Has Layers. While home automation is fun, it is also practical. See reasons 6 through 8 to explore all the practical layers that these gifts offer.
  6. It Makes Life Convenient. While we are sometimes referred to as a society that is getting lazier with technology, I like to think we’re a society that uses convenience to our advantages, so that we can spend more time being creative, enjoying life, and solving problems.
  7. It Can Reduce Stress. Is the back door locked? Is the oven off? Is the garage door closed? Who is at the door? All of these questions are stress-related, and with home automation, you can easily check and recheck that your doors are closed and locked, turn off the oven, and see who is at the door without opening it.
  8. It Can Help You Save Money. Home automation products can help you save energy and resources using tracking and giving you tips on how to reduce usage. From your lights to your water, home automation can save you hundreds of dollars a year.
  9. It Can Be Big or Small. Home automation products can be big grand gestures that need to be wrapped and placed under the tree, or they can be smaller products like smart switches that can easily fit into stockings.
  10. It’s The Future. Just jump on the bandwagon already, cause home automation is only going to get bigger and better.

Are you planning on gifting home automation this holiday season?

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