Sunday, May 20, 2018
amazon echo dot kids

Amazon Targets the Next Generation with Echo Dot Kids Edition

Amazon seems to be the unstoppable beast in many areas, including the smart home industry. Once the only smart home assistant speaker on the...
amazon ring

Ring Quietly Announces Mr Beams Acquisition

Though Ring has been making the news lately due to its recent acquisition by Amazon (a story worth reading up on), there is another...
smart technology help save our environment

Can Smart Technology Help Save Our Environment?

There’s a lot of chatter about smart home technology, and whether or not it is good for us, for our kids, for our pets,...
Artificial Intelligence and the Revolution of Homes

Artificial Intelligence and the Revolution of Homes

Artificial intelligence (AI) has seen mass adoption over the last four years, and has vastly disrupted the home. We’ve seen the social acceptance of...
amazon ring

4 Reasons it Makes Sense for Amazon to Buy Ring

Amazon made a big move recently and purchased the successful video doorbell company Ring for an estimated $1 billion. That might seems like a...

Furbo Dog Camera

Automated home devices aren't all light's and doorbells. Sometimes we need something to help us take care of what matters most at home...our pups! The...
apple homepod reviews

Round Up: Apple HomePod Reviews

The highly anticipated and frustratingly delayed Apple HomePod was finally released. So, does it live up to the hype? Spoiler alert: people are #notimpressed with...
tech in college classrooms

Smart Speaker 101: Does This Tech Belong on College Campuses?

As smart speakers and digital assistants become just a normal part of everyday life – like the smartphones before them – we have started...
smart speakers in school

Smart Speakers in Schools: Yay or Nay?

Smart home speakers are most often talked about as being part of private households, but what if we start using them in public spaces,...
Should We Worry About Getting Locked Out of Our Smart Home Setup?

Should We Worry About Getting Locked Out of Our Smart Home...

I recently saw a story about a smart lock startup that had made some financial decisions that resulted in the company locking up its...




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