Friday, April 16, 2021
Should We Worry About Getting Locked Out of Our Smart Home Setup?

Should We Worry About Getting Locked Out of Our Smart Home...

I recently saw a story about a smart lock startup that had made some financial decisions that resulted in the company locking up its...

5 Ways People Use Home Automation for Security

Security is a big concern for homeowners, and a big business for tech companies. It’s also a major focus in the smart home tech...
Smart Home Digital Assistants

This Is the One Thing Stalling Smart Home Digital Assistants

While it may seem like smart home technology is reaching a peak, we’ve really only seen the beginning of the devices and products that...

Wisenet-SmartCam A1 Review

About 6 weeks ago I received a Wisenet-SmartCam A1 as a review unit.  The reason why I’m waiting so long to write this review...
Alexa’s New Home Security Skill – Smart Lock Compatibility

Alexa’s New Home Security Skill – Smart Lock Compatibility

Amazon’s smart home assistant, the Echo, powered by Alexa, has taken another step in dominating the smart home, Internet of Things space. Users that...
AI lying

Is Your AI Lying to You?

I talk a lot about artificial intelligence (AI) and how we are using it more and more in our homes. We use it because...
smart technology commercial real estate

The ‘Smart’ Future of Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate used to be all about one thing: location. These days, location alone is not enough; today it’s about technology. As major...
Home automation security

Anything You Say or Do in Your Smart Home Can Be...

Many smart home products are positioned as items that help offer security for consumers. Install this camera that streams live footage to the cloud so...
nest thermostat

Smart Home Products to Buy with Your Holiday Money

The holidays are coming up, and hopefully that means that you’ll come into at least a little bit of money. Whether it’s a holiday...

Cool Features of the Insteon Motion Sensor

While I am always drawn to new, shiny home automation products, I’m also really motivated by products that actually have cool features that makes...




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