Tuesday, March 28, 2023
Home Entertainment A/V

Home Entertainment A/V

What You Need to Build Your Own Smart Home Theater

There’s something about the experience of a darkened room, an oversized screen, and surround sound that makes watching a movie so much better. But...
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5 Things to Consider When Shopping for a Home Theater Receiver

It’s fun shopping for the audio and visuals of your home theater. Who doesn’t love looking at the latest television models or the most...
home theater

Home Theater Basics: Should You Go For a Projector or TV?

One of my favorite home automation topics is entertainment systems and, more specifically, a home theater. It’s crazy to think that just a decade...

How to Choose a Speaker System For Your Home Theater

While an oversized, high resolution screen is ideal for a home theater, you won’t get the full experience without a great speaker system. The...

Is the New Apple TV the Future of Smart Television?

It’s amazing to think about how long ago Apple TV first came out. On September 9, at its famous, annual September keynote, Apple announced...
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Are Smart TVs Overrated?

As much as I love home automation anything, I am also always diplomatic. This has lead me to question the cool factor of smart...
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The Most Expensive 4K TV on the Market

Over the past few years, 4K televisions have become more affordable, but Vizio’s newest line has changed that. We all know and love Vizio. They...
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Not Sold on a Smart TV? Try the Google Chromecast

As much as I love just about anything home automation and anything with the word “smart” in it, I have never been completely sold...
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Are TVs the new Smart Home Hub?

While most people are talking about the (super awesome) 4K technology for the newest batch of televisions, I’m focused on the smart technology and...
Amazon Introduced Two New Echo Products

Amazon Just Introduced Us to Two New Members of the Echo...

  Amazon is dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s in the Internet of Things with its newest releases: the Echo Dot and the Echo...