Wednesday, September 30, 2020
Home Entertainment A/V

Home Entertainment A/V

Yonomi Brings Simplicity and Intuition to the Connected Home

This week Yonomi announced the availability of Yonomi version 1.2 for iOS and Android.  This is the largest update to the renowned Yonomi connected...
outside of house

Is Home Automation Making House Sitting Obsolete?

Are you planning a vacation soon, and stressing about who is going to house sit for you? Well, if you don’t have any pets,...
smart bathroom

Is It Time to Get Smarter About Our Bathrooms?

While the thought of a smart toilet might seem like an overindulgence for rich people, it can actually have some positive environmental factors that...
home theater

My Favorite Movie and TV Smart Homes

The smart home craze is growing, and some of its popularity, or at least curiosity, is fueled by its representation in pop culture. Of...
amazon fire tv

Are TVs the new Smart Home Hub?

While most people are talking about the (super awesome) 4K technology for the newest batch of televisions, I’m focused on the smart technology and...
home automation good for kids

Is Home Automation Good for Kids?

A lot of the time, when home automation is discussed, it is viewed from the perspective of the parent; how it keeps their home...

What You Need to Build Your Own Smart Home Theater

There’s something about the experience of a darkened room, an oversized screen, and surround sound that makes watching a movie so much better. But...

5 Ways to Make Your Man Cave Smart

A man cave is a great place for a husband to gather with his friends, away from the wife and kids, to hang out,...

NASCAR’s Denny Hamlin Turns to ELAN for Control of His New...

NASCAR Driver Denny Hamlin Turns to ELAN for Speedy and Smooth Control of His New 30,000-Square Foot Home ELAN provides Hamlin with instant access to...
new echo tap

Alexa-to-Go: Meet the Echo Tap

The Amazon Echo family just added two new members, the Echo Dot and the Echo Tap. You can read my thoughts on the Dot...




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