Things Holding You Back from Perfecting Home Automation

things holding you back from perfecting home automation
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This weekend started and I felt ambitious. I was going to get so much done. Fast forward to Sunday evening and I have been in my pajamas since I got home from work on Friday.

I haven’t even left my house all weekend. You’d think that since I was holed up, I got stuff done. Nope. I got distracted by every shiny thing in the world (and by “in the world” I obviously mean on the Internet). Among the things I didn’t do this weekend was updating my home automation.

I was home all weekend, you say? How did I not get it done, you say? The same way you didn’t shave or take out the garbage or do the dishes once this weekend – it happens. We’re all in this together so let’s not judge each other. Point is, there are a ton of things that can get in the way of you perfecting your home automation. Here’s a list of those things:

The Big Game

Whether it’s the World Series, the Super Bowl, the World Cup, the Olympics, or whatever big sports moment you’re into – it’s distracting. You want to research the latest smart home products, but you need to watch this game. And before the game you need to make food and watch the pregame show. And it just went into overtime and it’s an epic game so you have to see it through. Your home automation setup can wait. And wait. And wait. You’ll definitely get to it eventually though. For sure.

Your Kids

Someone pooped. On the floor. Now everyone needs a bath. OK – I don’t have kids but I imagine that is what it is like every single day. Just poop everywhere. And lots of baths. You can’t work on technology and give baths at the same time cause – hazard. Obviously taking care of that poop or permanent marker or tantrum situation is more important than setting up your smart home. And if things are going well, you’re probably trying to revel in that and spend time with your kids.

General Adulting

Adulting: something you thought you wanted until you had it. All of a sudden you have a crazy calendar to keep track of – there is a concert in town, you need groceries, your parents want you to come by for dinner, you are tired as hell and crap, when is the last time you did your laundry? By the time you are done with all the adulting you have limited time left for binge watching the new seasons that just dropped on Netflix.


Urgh. Year-round. Yeah, there is a wedding “season” and there are tons of weddings during that time. Then you think you’re in the clear but you aren’t because people are getting married over Labor Day weekend, obnoxiously close to Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and then again over New Years. It’s a never-ending cycle that you can’t escape and you should maybe give up your home automation dreams right now.

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