How To Make Your Lawn As Smart As Your Home


If you want your summer lawn care to be as easy as your summer livin’, you might want to consider investing in smart technology for care and maintenance of your lawn over a gardener. That’s right, smart technology doesn’t just belong inside of the walls of your home, it can work outside those walls as well. The products available are diverse, and they can get very involved, but I’ll just cover the basic outdoor sensory devices that can help you get started with your research and building your long-term automated lawn care plan. Because these devices rely on the environment for their triggers, you’ll be collecting all the information that you need in order to help your lawn and gardens thrive.


Smart sprinkler systems can help you save time and money. Sprinklers are the most basic automated lawn care product, and a great tool for those that have small or larger spaces to care for. Some sprinkler systems can use simple programming to work on a schedule. Others can connect and use information from weather reports to help trigger or stop activation. This not only saves you money, but it also helps save water in general. Your yard and garden will stay green, and thrive, with little to no effort from you. With advanced, connected sensors, you never have to worry about getting home to turn your sprinklers off because there is rain in the forecast.

Plant Sensors

If your yard is more than just a lawn, and is focused on a garden, you might want to invest in plant sensors to help make recommendations and send reminders. Great for new gardeners especially, but also useful for experienced gardeners, these smart sensors prove to be a useful tool.

The abilities of plant sensors range from measuring soil moisture to measuring ambient light and humidity. These measurements build a profile for your plants, and the monitoring helps you decide when and how much to water individual plants, and also give you a big picture overview on the health of all the plants in your garden.

Lawn Mowers

I’m still on the fence about using automated lawn mowers, but hey, I guess there are cars that drive themselves now so why not a lawn mower? This technology is still a little new, so there is a lot more development that needs to be done. If you want to be an early adopter, you’re going to have to shell out some cash. Of course, for many, the time saved will be well worth the possible $1,000+ price tag. Automated lawn mowers are basically what they sound like – robotic machines that will cut your grass while you are inside watching the game or taking a nap. These devices don’t work like your robot vacuum cleaner with GPS; you’ll need to use wires to set up perimeter (similar to those that are used for dog collars).

Smart lawn and gardening devices are also great tools for you to use for vacation or rental homes!

Do you use smart lawn products? Tell me about your experiences in the comments!