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Home Automation Basics

Home Automation Basics

Setting Up a Digital Smart Home Assistant

For those that are looking to dip into the smart home craze, purchasing a digital smart home assistant is a great start. These devices...

5 Ways to Make Breakfast Better with Home Automation

Mornings are either your favorite time of day, or the worst reoccurring event of your life. Whether you are a morning person or not,...

Be Smart in 2017 – Protect Your Connected Home from Hacking

We have a lot to look forward to in 2017 – episode VIII of Star Wars; some unexpected celebrity divorces; maybe Bey drops another...
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10 Reasons Home Automation Should be on Your Holiday Shopping List

It’s officially the holiday season, and I want to encourage you to put some home automation products on your holiday shopping list. Whether you...

Four Types of Buyers Smart Home Technology Associates Deal With

I talk a lot of about smart home technology and the people that use it, but I never really talk about the people that...

Will Home Automation Make Couples Therapy Obsolete?

OK, I’ll admit that home automation won’t really make couples therapy obsolete, but it could definitely change the narrative! If you think about it,...

Cool Features of the Insteon Motion Sensor

While I am always drawn to new, shiny home automation products, I’m also really motivated by products that actually have cool features that makes...
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4 Smart Features House Hunters Want to See Before They Make...

Today’s home buyers are like no home buyers that came before them. They aren’t only looking for a great neighborhood or a great school...
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How Smart Technology Can Enhance Workplaces

We talk about smart homes all the time, but using smart technology in the home is only one application. Another important space in people’s...
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Accessible Living with Smart Technology

I recently saw this great announcement about a couple of college students that won the Lemelson-MIT Student Prize for their invention of gloves that...




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