5 Types Of Smart Home Users

Types of Smart Device Users

Smart home automation attracts all kinds of users. Here are the five types of smart home users that I have come across:


The Bandwagoner

The first type of smart home user is The Bandwagoner. These people have seen smart home products in the mainstream media – in commercials, on the morning talk shows, integrated into SNL skits – and they want to be part of the newest technology. They didn’t do a ton of research; they just went out and got whatever product they thought would impress their friends and neighbors the most. They are ready and willing to upgrade to the latest and greatest products as soon as they are released. These are the people that are often in the beta testing groups.

The Enthusiast

Unlike Bandwagoner, The Enthusiast is all about smart home technology and products. They have done research, but it doesn’t go too far beyond mainstream media. They have signed up for every email update about their products that they could find, and they are happy to talk to anyone about their home set up. They either have or are considering starting a blog about their experience with smart homes. Most of their social media posts are about fun or funny things they do with their smart home products, even though they pretty much just use the products exactly as they are intended, with no tinkering or hacking.

The Experimenter

The Experimenter is the person that is willing to try anything. They aren’t scared of the newest products from the less popular brands. They have the time, energy, and disposable income to buy the same type of product from multiple brands, so that they can see which they like the best. The Experimenters are likely ones that are discovering things like how the Google Home and Amazon Echo can talk to each other in a loop.

The DIYer

We all know at least one DIYer, whether their topic of choice is home improvements, cars, or smart home technology. The DIYer buys smart home products, then happily takes them apart to see how they work. Sometimes, they even put them back together with new features. They are also the ones that are constantly trying new ways to hack their own products, so that they can find ways to protect them. The DIYers are the ones that turn their Amazon Echos into talking skulls and singing fish, and that program their devices to respond to unorthodox commands, like music prompts from video games.

The Skeptic

The Skeptics do not believe the hype. The need a ton of convincing before they are willing to commit to a purchase. They might head into a store to talk to a salesperson, but it is unlikely that there will be a sale that day. Once they are ready to buy – usually when a product is on its third or fourth generation release – they are going to wait for a big sale, since they still aren’t sure they are even getting a good product. Once they have installed their smart home technology, they will still manage to focus on the things they wish it did better.

So which user are you? Maybe you’re not any of these because you’re the Conspiracy Theory guy. Read 3 Reasons My Conspiracy Theorist Friends Will NEVER Get a Smart Speaker and let us know in the comments!