Smart Home Gift Ideas for Father’s Day


Father’s Day is a great time to grab some smart home technology as a gift for your dad, brother, uncle, husband, or any father you know. If you know someone that has shown an interest in home automation, but hasn’t yet been able to take the leap, there are several products that you can purchase as one-offs to help them get their feet wet. You don’t have to go full smart home right away, you can ease into it and be picky about which things you want to adapt and which things you don’t. Here are a few basic devices that you can get as a Father’s Day gift for anyone in your life.

Smart Streaming

If the Father in your life loves TV, then it’s a no-brainer to get them into smart streaming for this holiday. Smart streaming comes in many forms, including smart TVs and standalone streaming devices. Smart TVs will be the more expensive option, while streaming devices will run you about $100 – $150. Smart TVs have streaming apps, like Netflix, built in, and allow you to install other apps as well. A streaming device is similar, but it lives in a separate device, and has its own remote. Streaming devices, like Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and Roku, are popular options because they have voice-to-search remotes, and even have some gaming options (and remotes).

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo family recently expanded beyond just its original device to include both the Echo Tap and the Echo Dot. Which one you get for the Father on your list depends on how they might use it. If they would be most likely to just plug it in in one room (like their bedroom, their living room, or their man cave) and leave it there, then the original Echo is the best bet. If you think they need to be eased into smart home tech more slowly, you can get them the Echo Dot, which is a mini version of the original Echo. If you think they are ready to use their Echo everywhere, get the Tap, since it is the only portable version. If the Dad you’re buying for doesn’t already have an Amazon Prime account, maybe you can add that to the gift also, since it really enhances the Echo experience.

Ring Doorbell

The Ring doorbell is a video doorbell that is great for anyone that wants to monitor not only their front door, but also the immediate vicinity around their door as well as their yard. There is a microphone and a speaker on the unit, so your old man could have some fun yelling “get off my lawn!”

Smart Lock

Smart locks are great because they give peace of mind. They let you double check if your doors are locked, and they eliminate the need to hide extra keys in fake rocks. Smart locks are also great for Dads with younger kids that are old enough to have smart phones; since their phones can unlock the door they don’t have to worry about forgetting or losing their house key anymore.


Smart thermostats are a great item for the first time smart home tech user. They allow remote control and management along with energy tracking. They are easy to use and install, so even someone that isn’t techy can get set up with a smart thermostat.

Are you getting the Dads on your list smart home devices? Which ones do you recommend?

Photo by: Kelly