Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Are Smart Homes the New Gyms?

Need a gym or general fitness atmosphere by loathe going to the actual gym? Hate feeling like you’re working out when you’re working out?...

Apple Targets the Home with New Smart Hub

Apple will reportedly release its smart home hub just in time for the 2017 holiday season. This is the first time that Apple is...

Hey Dads, Spend Those Father’s Day Gift Cards on Cool Smart...

You might be difficult to shop for. Or maybe your kids just didn’t try very hard. Maybe you wanted to collect a bunch of...
amazon offers professional echo installation

Did You Know Amazon Offers Professional Echo Set-Up?

Smart home technology is moving fast, and it can be hard for even savvy users to keep up with all the news and advances....
amazon echo hack

Things That Could Go Wrong with the Echo Look

Amazon just released the Echo Look, and I’m not fully convinced that this is a great direction for smart home technology and smart home...
amazon echo screen

Will The Next, Next Amazon Echo Have a Screen

The next Echo has arrived in the form of the Echo Look, a camera-based digital smart home assistant, and stylist. Rumor has it that...
AI lying

Is Your AI Lying to You?

I talk a lot about artificial intelligence (AI) and how we are using it more and more in our homes. We use it because...
The Good Kind of Smart Home Technology Hacking

The Good Kind of Smart Home Technology Hacking

  I never thought I’d say this, but there is actually a kind of hacking that I would welcome in my smart home. Not the...
Home automation security

Anything You Say or Do in Your Smart Home Can Be...

Many smart home products are positioned as items that help offer security for consumers. Install this camera that streams live footage to the cloud so...

Amazon Echo Speaker vs. Google Home Speaker

While the Amazon Echo and the Google Speaker have tons of amazing, futuristic, and just plain fun features, one thing that people focus on...




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