Meet the Growing Nest Family


Nest is a smart home company that is owned by Google, and that will play a big part in the company’s play against competitor Amazon, which recently purchased smart home company Ring.

The Nest family has been gearing up for its new role in taking on Ring with the recent release of several new products, expanding its line to include a full suite of compatible smart home products that can rule any house. With these developments, I thought we could revisit the product line, and meet the new, growing Nest family.


The Nest company started with smart thermostats, but now includes so much more. Today, their thermostat line includes the Nest Thermostat, the Nest Thermostat E, and the Nest Temperature Sensor. The Thermostat is now in its third generation, and automatically programs itself after just a week of use. The Thermostat E is the light version, and is able to adjust your home’s temperature when you’re away. The Temperature Sensor allows you to control the temperature in each room individually.


Nest offers a variety of indoor and outdoor cameras, including the new Cam IQ line. The Nest Cam line allows for HD home monitoring and the ability to talk and listen – which can be super helpful in scaring away people that try to steal things form your porch or try to break into your house. The Cam IQ line is the premium version, and integrates with Google Assistant, so it works as a digital smart home speaker as well.

Video Doorbell

Nest added a new product to their family: the Hello video doorbell. This product can send live HD video to your phone, allow you to speak to people at your door, and can also trigger screenshots even if the doorbell isn’t activated. The company plans to eventually integrate home lights with the Hello doorbell so that welcome guests can see, and so that thieves are deterred.

Alarm System

Nest also released the Nest Secure alarm system, which integrates with its other smart home products. The system includes a hub, sensors, and a tag which allows you to arm and disarm your home without a passcode.

Smart Lock

Another new product from Nest is the Nest x Yale Lock. Nest and Yale partnered to product this smart home product that is key-free and that can be managed from the Nest app. Owners can monitor who enters and leaves their home, issue temporary passcodes, and control home security remotely, from anywhere.

Smoke and CO Alarms

The Nest Protect is the smoke alarm of the future, made for smart homes. This alarm is able to tell you what the problem is – from just smoke to actual fire to CO – and also where the problem is. It is also able to test itself, and can send you alerts if something is wrong. If it goes off and you’re just cooking, you can easily quiet it using the app, instead of awkwardly running over and waving a towel around frantically while cursing a lot.