Tuesday, April 24, 2018
apple homepod reviews

Round Up: Apple HomePod Reviews

The highly anticipated and frustratingly delayed Apple HomePod was finally released. So, does it live up to the hype? Spoiler alert: people are #notimpressed with...
Types of Smart Device Users

5 Types Of Smart Home Users

Smart home automation attracts all kinds of users. Here are the five types of smart home users that I have come across:   The Bandwagoner The...
digital assistants

Digital Assistants Set Sights on Gadget Domination

What is artificial intelligence (AI) going to do this year? The same thing it does every year, or course: try to take over your...
smart bathroom

Is It Time to Get Smarter About Our Bathrooms?

While the thought of a smart toilet might seem like an overindulgence for rich people, it can actually have some positive environmental factors that...
apple homepod

Who Is Ready To Shell Out $350 For the Apple HomePod?

The next chapter in the smart speaker wars is coming soon, and is now available for pre order. Apple is finally releasing its much buzzed-about,...

Get Your Free Time Back with Smart Home Products That Do...

“Free time” might be a concept that you aren’t even familiar with anymore, but it doesn’t have to be that way! There are lots...

Google Home Assistant Seems to be Abusing PTO

The Google Home device hit the market last year and has been a strong competitor for the Amazon Echo, which was the first smart...

Amazon’s Echo Show Drop In Feature: Cool or Creepy?

We’re all talking about Amazon’s two most recent product releases, the Echo Look and the Echo Show. With the release of the Echo Show,...

Setting Up a Digital Smart Home Assistant

For those that are looking to dip into the smart home craze, purchasing a digital smart home assistant is a great start. These devices...

5 Ways People Use Digital Home Assistants for Entertainment

Home automation and smart home assistants are hitting every corner of pop culture – from celebrity endorsements to shout outs in Burger King commercials...




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