Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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Julie R.

Julie is totally technology driven. She is an early adapter, getting the newest devices first and loves seeing how they work. She is the first one called when her friends need help setting up networks, new computer systems, printers and cool home automation devices. She loves being the token "dork" in her group of friends.
control of humanity

Alexa Might Be Ready to Take Control of Humanity

Alexa is making news again, but this time it isn’t for being cutting edge artificial intelligence technology. Instead Amazon’s flagship digital assistant has been...
amazon trunk delivery

Amazon Trunk Delivery Has Arrived

It might only be May, but those that are already thinking about online holiday shopping are about to feel some relief. In this modern world,...
smart luggage

Smart Luggage Batteries Finally Compliant with FAA – Travel On

Recent FAA updates threatened to crush the dreams of anyone hoping to convert to smart luggage for their travel adventures. Before I get into...
Amazon Expands Hands-Free Calling & Messaging to Fire Tablets

Amazon Expands Hands-Free Calling & Messaging to Fire Tablets

It just got even harder to avoid your friends and family. Amazon has added their suite of Fire tablets to the list of devices that...

Furbo Dog Camera

Automated home devices aren't all light's and doorbells. Sometimes we need something to help us take care of what matters most at home...our pups! The...
smart speakers in school

Smart Speakers in Schools: Yay or Nay?

Smart home speakers are most often talked about as being part of private households, but what if we start using them in public spaces,...
Types of Smart Device Users

5 Types Of Smart Home Users

Smart home automation attracts all kinds of users. Here are the five types of smart home users that I have come across:   The Bandwagoner The...
home automation good for kids

Is Home Automation Good for Kids?

A lot of the time, when home automation is discussed, it is viewed from the perspective of the parent; how it keeps their home...
get smarter about pet care

The Time is Meow: Get Smarter About Pet Care

Smart houses don’t start and end with digital assistants or fridges with cameras. There are also mart products out there that have been designed...

Amazon Bets on Superstars to Bowl Over Smart Home Users

It's Super Bowl time – my favorite time of year! Not for the football, but for the commercials (yes, I’m *that* person). Of course,...