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Jeff G.
Jeff is a tinkerer. He loves gadgets, but usually waits until the reviews are out before buying something. He loves the DIY projects, and loves help setting things up too. Some of his favorite products and services may not be the most well known, but he loves his custom solution.

Three Arguments That Show How Automation Can Create Jobs

The world is changing every day, and the advancement of automation technology is at the forefront of that change. There are plenty of people...

You Got A Smart Home Device for the Holidays – Now What?

Smart home products make great holiday gifts; they are pretty affordable, very popular, and appeal to people of all ages. If you opened a...
christmas gift

Smart Home Tech Has Earned Its Spot On Our Christmas Lists

Jeff The holiday season is jolly, but it’s also full of lists: to-do lists, shopping lists, travel lists, and, of course, wish lists. You might...

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Did Amazon Jump the Shark with the Fire TV Recast?

Amazon is set to release a new product on November 14, 2018: the Fire TV Recast. This device mimics a DVR, but falls short...

Unpopular Smart Home Technology Opinions

While most of my articles are in favor of smart home technology, I am not completely bias. I do believe that smart home tech...
censor alexa

Censoring Alexa

Artificial intelligence is barely in the hands of the general public, and it already has a bad rep with parents. In the days of...
more questions

More Answers to Smart Home Questions You’re Too Afraid to Ask

If you get wide-eyed and confused any time someone mentioned the newest smart home technology, you aren’t alone. Even the “basics” of this emerging...

Is the Future of the Kitchen Being Tested Commercially?

Smart home devices continue to advance, but they are still not autonomously able to serve us up things like our dinner. Is that all...

Answers to Smart Home Questions That You’re Too Afraid to Ask

Smart homes and speakers and locks and assistants – what is going on? If you’re still struggling with the basics and it all seems...
google assistant

Google Assistant Can Now Make Your Calls for You

If you aren’t ready for a robot-run future, now is the time to start building your secluded cabin in the woods. It might be a...




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