Sunday, January 21, 2018
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Jeff G.

Jeff G.
Jeff is a tinkerer. He loves gadgets, but usually waits until the reviews are out before buying something. He loves the DIY projects, and loves help setting things up too. Some of his favorite products and services may not be the most well known, but he loves his custom solution.

3 Reasons My Conspiracy Theorist Friends Will NEVER Get a Smart Speaker

  As smart home technology has advanced, a group of people have been cringing so hard that I can almost feel it myself. These are...

NASCAR’s Denny Hamlin Turns to ELAN for Control of His New Home

NASCAR Driver Denny Hamlin Turns to ELAN for Speedy and Smooth Control of His New 30,000-Square Foot Home ELAN provides Hamlin with instant access to...
Amazon Wants to Enter Your Homes – Without You Being There

Amazon Wants to Enter Your Home and Trunk Without You Being There

Trunk-or-Treat is a popular alternative to traditional trick-or-treating, and parents love it because it is a safe, controlled environment for their kids to celebrate...

Amazon Releases 6 New Alexa-Enabled Products, Breaks Holidays Gift Lists Everywhere

Never one to be caught unprepared for the holiday season, Amazon got ahead of the game and released 6 new Alexa-enabled products that are...

Apple Targets the Home with New Smart Hub

Apple will reportedly release its smart home hub just in time for the 2017 holiday season. This is the first time that Apple is...

Hey Dads, Spend Those Father’s Day Gift Cards on Cool Smart Home Technology

You might be difficult to shop for. Or maybe your kids just didn’t try very hard. Maybe you wanted to collect a bunch of...
amazon offers professional echo installation

Did You Know Amazon Offers Professional Echo Set-Up?

Smart home technology is moving fast, and it can be hard for even savvy users to keep up with all the news and advances....
Saturday Night Live Spoofs Amazon Echo “Silver” Edition

Saturday Night Live Spoofs Amazon Echo with “Silver” Edition

One way to gauge a topic’s pop culture relevance is to ask if it has been spoofed on Saturday Night Live (SNL) yet. In...
Alexa’s New Home Security Skill – Smart Lock Compatibility

Alexa’s New Home Security Skill – Smart Lock Compatibility

Amazon’s smart home assistant, the Echo, powered by Alexa, has taken another step in dominating the smart home, Internet of Things space. Users that...
home automation trend

4 Reasons Home Automation is Such a Hot Trend

Home automation has been around for years, but it has crossed over to mainstream consumerism in the past few years. Technological advances, along with...




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