Friday, April 16, 2021
alexa blueprint

Customize Your Smart Home Assistant With Alexa Blueprint

There’s smart home customization and then there’s the new Alexa Blueprint, which allows everyday users to skip the complicated development process to create a...
Amazon Expands Hands-Free Calling & Messaging to Fire Tablets

Amazon Expands Hands-Free Calling & Messaging to Fire Tablets

It just got even harder to avoid your friends and family. Amazon has added their suite of Fire tablets to the list of devices that...

Setting Up a Digital Smart Home Assistant

For those that are looking to dip into the smart home craze, purchasing a digital smart home assistant is a great start. These devices...

5 Ways to Make Bedtime Better with Home Automation

It’s important for your bedtime routine to be as pleasant as possible, since it is the last thing you do before going to sleep....
Amazon Wants to Enter Your Homes – Without You Being There

Amazon Wants to Enter Your Home and Trunk Without You Being...

Trunk-or-Treat is a popular alternative to traditional trick-or-treating, and parents love it because it is a safe, controlled environment for their kids to celebrate...

Smart Things Come in Small Packages: Introducing the Belkin Wemo Mini

There isn’t just one way to create a smart home. You can have a home built from scratch and integrate all the latest technology....

Meet Furbo: The Smart Dog Camera

Whether you got a puppy for the holidays or you just have some extra holiday cash to spend on your furbaby – the Furbo...
nest thermostat

Smart Home Products to Buy with Your Holiday Money

The holidays are coming up, and hopefully that means that you’ll come into at least a little bit of money. Whether it’s a holiday...

Meet Sense, and Sleep Like a Baby Again

Sense is a product that started as a Kickstarter campaign back in the summer of 2014. The goal for the Kickstarter was a mild...

Newest Amazon Echo Features

Amazon’s Echo took the mainstream world by storm two years ago, and its momentum hasn’t slowed down yet. Since Amazon allows developers to create...




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